Saturday, June 9, 2007

Custom - Broken Peg Fix on Marvel Select Black Spidey

Ok, not really a custom but another figure fix of mine...
I broke the right arm of my Marvel Select Black Spidey sometime back. Had a bit of a heartache as it is the first Marvel figure which broke on me and it had to be a Spidey...

So I remember seeing somewhere of using screws as a way to replace pegs. So I decided to go ahead with it.First I dug out the remnant of the peg that was embedded in the arm. You can see that the remnant of the peg was not really a peg already. If it still remain as a peg, I could have used it for the fix.

Then I cut a screw to a suitable length copying the peg length from the left arm.
Using the other undamaged side as reference:

Thereafter I screw the screw into the part where the peg should have been and adjust to the appropriate length. After test fitting using the "boil and pop" method for the arm, I finally found an optimal length of the screw which would not make the arm look jutting out and neither will it be too tight for the arm to turn.
Then I drip a drop of superglue into the newly drilled hole and screw in the screw to the desired length. Then I coat the screw head lightly with oil (since the screw head is slightly larger than I would like it to be) and heat the arm and pop it back on again. Presto! My Marvel Select Spidey is whole again!!!

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  1. glad to see you updating your blog, dude ;) useful tips for fixing figures, thanks :)