Saturday, June 9, 2007

Custom - Broken Peg Fix on Anniversary Spawn

Backdated entry. A little ashamed actually, promised a good friend of mine > 6 months ago to fix his Anniversary Spawn for him.
By the way, I will be giving a detailed description of what I did. So to start with, what is wrong with it? Here is a pic of it after being fixed. So sorry I did not take any WIP because I didn't know if what I did will work or not.

Looks cool and nothing wrong right? But the effort put in was really much more than I had expected. Here is the pic with the problematic parts:

  1. Right elbow peg was broken
  2. Both ankle pegs were broken
  3. Hips were loose because the hips was cracked open and was glued back poorly, causing a loose hip.
The pegs were broken and I wonder if this is the quality of McF figures, because I don't own many McF figs and definitely not this Anniversary Spawn fig. I tried supergluing the pegs back but when I try to fix it back, it broke again, then I conclude that superglue will be unable to give the strength required to keep the joints up. I tried thinking of what to replace it with. It was a headache. Finally I found what to do.

I decided to use nails to put in place of the pegs. What can be stronger than metal pegs right? Anyway I cut the nail (with much difficulties) and hammered the end in to make the peg head. Then using Apoxie Sculpt, I build up the middle of the peg to resemble the original peg shape (red boxed area).

It seems to work beautifully. I started with the right elbow peg first and then proceed on to the ankles. The nail head was way bigger than the peg "mushroom" head so I had to use my dremel to "round" the edge off to the right size. After fixing the metal pegs into the joints, I decide to cover up the ugly metal pegs showing in the peg hole. I used Apoxie Sculpt to cover the peg hole then I mix my Folkart paints to get the right colour and paint over them. Check out the pics below:

For the loose hip, I did a couple of things. I crack open the hip again, remove the nasty "lousy" glued residue and then re superglued it. This time using a tough crocodile clip to hold the hips together overnight to make sure the bond was really good. Had to paint the area to cover the superglued parts. Had a hard time trying to match the red.

However, after that I find the hips still loose. Then I used the superglue drip method to tighten the part. For the first time I tried Jin Saotome's method ( of dripping water to crystallise the superglue to prevent freezing up the joints. The disadvantage of this method was that immediately, white residue of the superglue started to form. Since this figure had black joints, it was easily painted over. Be careful about using this method if you have complicated colours at the joints you are trying to tighten.

After the whole figure was fixed, I used Citadel's Chainmail silver to paint over the paint chipped spikes and then I sealed all the parts I painted with Mr Color's Matt Top Coat sealant to prevent paint rub.

There you go, that's the completed fixed Anniversary Spawn. Personally was quite satisfied with the outcome. It may not be a big project for the pros here but it is my first figure fix! Let me know what you think. Cheers.