Sunday, February 3, 2008

SMC12 - Superposeable Spider-Man with Wall Crawling Action

Hi folks,

Pardon the long hiatus. Been real busy at work and now arranging my transfer (moving to Amsterdam for a job assignment). Still hope to be able to get toys over there.

Anyway, just when I thought I knew a fair bit about Spidey figures I found out something that totally escaped me.

One of my favourite Spidey is the Spider-Man Classics (SMC) 12 Superposeable Spider-Man with Wall Crawling Action, which affectionately known as McFarlane Spidey, but in actual fact, was inspired by J. Scott Campbell's (JSC) artwork. Just very recently, in a very innocent discussion, I found out that there are *gasp* 3 different batches (possibly more, personally I saw a UK version in London which happened to look just like Batch 1 though) of this JSC Spidey and each of them actually had a different headsculpt. My version (and to those whom I sold to) are all Batch 1, from the pics I see. I do hope that Batches 2 and 3 are not bootlegs.

Pilfering the pics on the sources I got, I will attempt to decribe each in detail. Not sure if anyone is such a Spidey action figures geek like me but I do like to go into such details especially for Spidey figures I like.