Sunday, September 2, 2007

Toy Review - SIC Movie Realization Spider-Man and Black Spider-Man

Bandai has been very successful with the toy line of Super Imaginative Chogokin (SIC) based on characters created by the late Ishinomori Shotaro. The success saw a number of spin-off toy lines. In 2004, SIC Movie Realization was created as a form of SIC reinterpretation of movie characters which includes characters like Devilman and Masked Rider.

SIC are very good with highly articulated action figures so if you put two and two together, you will soon realise that they would make a very good Spidey figure. Indeed they did just that, and in this review, we will be looking at the SIC Movie Realization Spider-Man and Black Spider-Man 2-pack.

This is in fact my first set of SIC figures and I am pretty sure many Spidey fans who do not own any SIC figures might actually pick up this set. Let’s get going then!