Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spidey Stop-Motion Animation

A wonderful Spidey stop-motion animation. Took me ages to find it after the last I saw it couple of years ago. Made by Xipster for that year's SDCC (San Diego Comic Convention).

Love the smooth and realistic web slinging action, not to mention the Aerosmith's version of "Spider-Man" song. If you pay attention, you will notice the seamless transition of the 6 inch movie Spidey to the 18 inch movie Spidey and back.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Toy Review - SIC Movie Realization Spider-Man and Black Spider-Man

Bandai has been very successful with the toy line of Super Imaginative Chogokin (SIC) based on characters created by the late Ishinomori Shotaro. The success saw a number of spin-off toy lines. In 2004, SIC Movie Realization was created as a form of SIC reinterpretation of movie characters which includes characters like Devilman and Masked Rider.

SIC are very good with highly articulated action figures so if you put two and two together, you will soon realise that they would make a very good Spidey figure. Indeed they did just that, and in this review, we will be looking at the SIC Movie Realization Spider-Man and Black Spider-Man 2-pack.

This is in fact my first set of SIC figures and I am pretty sure many Spidey fans who do not own any SIC figures might actually pick up this set. Let’s get going then!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Toy Review - Spider-Man Unleashed 360°

It’s been a while since my last toy review. Recently, Hasbro has released a Unleashed 360° movie Spider-Man figures boasting of “Ultimate Posability”. Let us have a look at the Spidey figure and see how it fares on my chart.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Custom - Broken Peg Fix on Anniversary Spawn

Backdated entry. A little ashamed actually, promised a good friend of mine > 6 months ago to fix his Anniversary Spawn for him.
By the way, I will be giving a detailed description of what I did. So to start with, what is wrong with it? Here is a pic of it after being fixed. So sorry I did not take any WIP because I didn't know if what I did will work or not.

Custom - Broken Peg Fix on Marvel Select Black Spidey

Ok, not really a custom but another figure fix of mine...
I broke the right arm of my Marvel Select Black Spidey sometime back. Had a bit of a heartache as it is the first Marvel figure which broke on me and it had to be a Spidey...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Toy Review - SMC 14 Buzzing Beetle

Since the last review on Mysterio, there had been a good influx of Spider-Man wave. Singapore is honoured to be the first country to be receiving assortment 14. In this wave, there are 2 villains, namely Buzzing Beetle and a repainted version of Scorpion. I shall cover the former in this review. This is possibly the first review of Beetle worldwide! =)

I know Beetle, one of the oldest villains our fave webhead had to face but seeing this figure, I cannot seem to refer him to any Beetle I know of. Just some history on this character if you are not familiar with him, (data quoted from http://www.spiderfan.org/):

Abner Jenkins was a skilled factory mechanic. However, he had other plans, constructing a sticky-fingered battle suit with flight capabilities in order to become a master thief. Early run-ins with Spider-Man and Daredevil convinced him that he needed power as well, resulting in a sleeker battle suit with more offensive capabilities and greater strength.

[added] I manage to find the reference art Toy Biz (probably) used. Its the Thunderbolts Beetle as shown in the comic cover below. And I must say it is (very) comic accurate so kudos to Toy Biz, though I wonder why they did not go for a more classic (and more commonly known) armour.

Toy Review - SMC 13 Mysterio

Hi people! This is my first ever toy review (so please be nice ;) ) Since I am a super duper Spidey fan, the first review gotta be a Spidey character. So here we go, Spider-Man Classics (SMC) Assortment 13 Mysterio.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SpideyWeb's Guide on Spider-Man Figures

[Updated Guide (September 2016) here]

Hi peeps, I have been wanting to do this for the longest time. I have been a Spidey fan since young and the only action figure I ever wanted was a Secret Wars Spidey, which I never got round to owning (*sigh*). Anyhow, I came to terms with that as I was unable to find the figure then (no internet and no income at that time). But when I first set my eyes on the Clamshell Spider-Man Classics, it rekindled my desire to own Spidey action figures and since then, I have been trying to get the cooler versions of Spidey made.

Just a note, typically, I only get Spidey figures at the 6 inch scale and I will only get the articulated versions (i.e. no water spraying action feature etc). The acid test for me is still the "four-point crouch" of Spidey and I dare say not many Spidey figures out there can pull it off nicely.

I will go in chronological order (roughly) on the Spidey figures that were introduced and give some comments on the figure and you can make your own judgment call on which one works for you. I shall only include the comic versions of Spidey.

Comic Red/Blue (black) Spidey
Clamshell Spider-Man Classics (SMC) Series One Red/Blue McFarlane SpideyThis is the first wave of SMC introduced by Toy Biz in 2001. They had decided to go with a new type of packaging, a sturdy clamshell instead of the typical bubble/card packaging. This wave did so well that they decided to package (and articulate) the subsequent Marvel Legends in this manner.

This is the official McF Spidey. The design was based on Todd McFarlane's artwork. The points of articulation (POA) was fantastic in its time. The finger articulation enables our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger to do the "thwip" hand pose. What were missing were the individual finger articulation and the bicep twist. The rest of the articulation was there. It was awesome but it still could not do a proper four-point crouch.

This wave also includes the black Spidey, Man-Spider and and a half-transformed Venom.

Clamshell Spider-Man Classics Series Two Amazing Fantasy Spidey
Following the success of Clamshell SMC Series One, Toy Biz introduced the second wave of SMC. This time this wave was launched with Kaybee exclusives of Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider. The other figures include Battle-ravaged Spidey, Rhino, red Daredevil and the ever so rare Yellow Daredevil.

However, the main figure is the Amazing Fantasy Spidey, or more affectionately known as Ditko Spidey as inspired by Steve Ditko's art in Amazing Fantasy #15. There were 2 different packaging as well, the more common one is the one with the Amazing Fantasy #15 reprint inserted whereas the other is a silver foil poster.

One other "running change" worth mentioning would be that some of this Ditko Spidey actually had an improvement in articulation. It has the added bicep twist. Most of them do not. I am fortunate enough to find one with the bicep twist. There was no breakthrough improvement in articulation and they only have the "thwip" finger articulation. The clamshell SMC ended with this wave despite doing very well. Thereafter they introduced the red-carded SMC (which I will refer to as SMC now onwards).

Some good read on clamshell SMC in the link below:

SMC 6 Parachute Spidey
Toy Biz restarted the ever loved SMC with a red-carded version. However, first 5 waves seen many versions of Spidey which did not catch my attention at all. In wave 6, there’s this Parachute Spidey (commonly known as Para Spidey) that made many US collectors named it the definitive Spidey.

Personally I did not like the Para Spidey as he look more "cartoony" than comic accurate. Para-advocates like the fact that he is slim and had painted weblines, as many of the Spidey figures out there sport sculpted weblines instead. It also has the "bent" 2 middle finger articulation that allows it to have a nicer "thwip" pose but it looks very weird in any other position.

Para Spidey was reissued into many other Spideys in subsequent waves (I can't even remember what were most of them). One notable reissue was that this Para Spidey was reissued in the Urban Legends boxset. The only difference what that in Urban Legends boxset, the blue was a deeper blue than the regular Para Spidey.

Urban Legends boxset:

Despite not liking Para Spidey, I got myself 2 of it.

SMC 10 Snap Shot Spidey
This Spidey is the first comic version Spidey to sport individual finger articulation (first being Spidey 2 movie superposeable Spidey). I like this Snap Shot's head sculpt very very much. However, there were man quality issues complaints on it, saying that the pegs are very brittle and breaks easily. There was a running change, the initial release had red coloured plastic pegs whereas the later batches had blue pegs. The quality of the blue pegs were claimed to be much worse but it is not exactly confirmed.

This is also the first Spidey figure to be able to do a nice four-point crouch, not to mention the numerous awesome poses with the included display stand. One complain I have is the hips of Snap-Shot. For many angles he looks as though he has too large a hip but it's nothing that can't be managed by adjusting the camera angle.

Sinister Six boxset Spidey
This Sinister Six boxset Spidey (SS Spidey) has much of the base body as Snap Shot and many people mistaken them to be the same. They are not. The headsculpt is different and even the body has slight differences. SS Spidey was considered to be Romita Sr's redition (correct me if I am wrong). This is also the first Spidey to have a webbing accessory added for the webbed wing effect (ML10 FA Spidey and Fearsome Foes boxset Spidey being the others).

SMC 12 Superposeable Spidey with Wall-Crawling Action
This is IT! This is THE Spidey for me. When this was introduced, many people called this a McFarlane Spidey re-do. However, over time, Jesse Falcon from Toy Biz confirmed that this is in fact the rendition of Campbell's artwork and hence the official "Campbell Spidey". But you know how fans are like, many insisted on calling this McF Spidey (me inclusive).

Campbell Spidey must have the most beautiful body sculpt (a little lanky though) with the nicest sculpted fingers.

Marvel Legends Series 10 (Sentinel) First Appearance Spidey
This is the first Spidey (in fact the ONLY Spidey) that appeared in the ML line. It is a re-do of the Ditko's Spidey in Amazing Fantasy. A reprint of Amazing Fantasy was also included with the figure.

This ML10 FA Spidey comes with Sentinel's head and chest as part of the Build-a-Figure (BAF). The complaint on this Spidey is the fingers. Even though each finger is individually articulated, the fingers are of EQUAL length, making them look more like sausages. In addition, this Spidey has the hinged shoulder joint with is rather useless.

SMC 16 Super Strength Spidey
This is the first worthy SMC Spidey after SMC changed the card to light blue card instead of the initial red card. Many US folks love this version of the Spidey. I had gotten him, however, I am not exactly impressed with him, not to mention that Super Strength Spidey had the Para Spidey's finger articulation and not the individual finger articulation.

Fearsome Foes of Spidey boxset SpideyThis Spidey has the same base body as Campbell Spidey, just sporting a different head sculpt. I have yet to own this figure as Fearsome Foes of Spidey boxset never made it to Singapore at retail.

Will try my best to get my hands on him for completion sake even though I prefer Campbell's headsculpt.

[Updated Guide (September 2016) here]
Comic Black Spidey
Clamshell SMC Series One Black SpideyThis is part of the Clamshell SMC Series One. It is the same base body as the red/blue McF version with the exception that it is a totally smooth body.

SMC 9 Black Spidey
This is the re-do of the Secret Wars black Spidey using a new articulated base body. For those who are familiar with Marvel Legends, this has the same base body as ML7 Iceman. The finger articulation no longer is the "thwip" pose. It is the full palm articulation that allows the hand to be open or closed into a fist. This is alright since black Spidey shoots web from the white patch at the top of his hand when he is donning the alien costume.

After Hasbro took over the Marvel license, they reissued this black Spidey with silver paint instead of white paint. The figure (even the hang-glider accessory) is exactly the same.

[Updated Guide (September 2016) here]

Pics were taken from these following sites:
http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=164 (used to be MarvelToyCrazy)
Updated 30 July 2008 - Fixed the dead links for the references (but not the pics I borrowed as watermark may have changed)