Sunday, May 22, 2011

McFarlane, Snap Shot and Sinister 6 Spidey Comparison

It has been a long time. Not much happening from Hasbro in terms of 6 inch figures as well. I have recently been trying to revisit the older better Spidey figures.

Since I am not at home (working overseas), the number of figures I have with me is limited. I have recently try to accumulate some figures so that I can play... erm... pose them in my free time.

Now I am trying to put the better Spidey figures to a face-off comparison. I realise that not many people have done this before.

The figures I will be comparing will be:

  1. Spider-Man (red carded) Classics Series 12 Superposeable Spider-Man with Wall Crawling Action aka McFarlane (Campbell) Spidey

  2. Spider-Man (red carded) Classics Series 10 Snap Shot Spider-Man

  3. Marvel Legends Sinister 6 Boxset Spider-Man