Sunday, September 25, 2016

Toy Review - Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War 3-Pack Spider-Man

After watching Captain America: Civil War movie, I was so looking forward to this figure, because I find Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spidey amazing (pun intended) and I cannot wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

So let’s see how this figure fares.

Packaging (3 out of 5)
The packaging is a box set of 3 figures.  The other 2 figures are battle damage Captain America and battle damage Iron Man.  In the box set, Spidey was posed with Captain America’s shield, but I still feel that the shield is an accessory that belongs to Captain America than Spidey.

The box is rather empty, and has a lot of empty space.  But it allows a clear display of the figures.  I did not find the packaging particularly exciting.

I got my Spidey loose, so the pictures of the box packaging is “borrowed”.

Boxed pictures are from

Sculpt (4 out of 5)
The sculpt of this movie Spidey figure is quite good.  It is a unique sculpt and is quite accurate to the movie, but the key difference/ deviation from the movie is the spider symbol on the cheat and back.  On the chest, the spider logo is totally different from what was shown in the movie, whereas for the back, the spider legs on the symbol were too long.

The body does not have a very defined musculature on the abdomen and the legs, which is more realistic and in line with what we saw in the movie.  Also, Hasbro went for sculpted weblines, which was a missing feature in the recent Spidey figures.  I think it is too dark compared to the fine lines in the movie costume, but overall it came out nice.  Hasbro did capture the details, which I like, in particular the eyes on the mask, they kept the lines that was shown in the movie where the white part of the lens could change in size.  They also sculpted in the cartridges around the waist, which I assume to be the web cartridges.  Hasbro also sculpted in the black lines that run on the body and the arms and around the calves.

The Civil War movie Spidey comes with the web shooting “Thwip” right hand and fist left hand.  The hands are new sculpts as well and not reused from previous Spidey figures.  I like that the web shooting hand is a more realistic hand with curved fingers rather than more straightened index and pinky fingers in the comic Spidey versions.

I know that Tom Holland’s Spidey is supposed to be a teenage body but personally I still find the legs a little short, and the figure looks somewhat weird in the whole body proportions posed in vanilla pose.  This figure stands shorter than Pizza/ Raft Spidey but taller than the new teen Ultimate Spidey.

Paint (4 out of 5)
For my figure, the paint came out relatively clean.  I think Hasbro used a black wash to colour in the sculpted weblines, which came out ok, with only a few small smudges.

I knock off one point on this category because Hasbro opted not to paint the cartridges along the waist, which the sculptors took the effort to sculpt in the details.  And of course, Hasbro left the pegs in the inner side of his biceps and forearms red instead of painting it blue, which stick out like a sore thumb from the blue parts in the costume.

Articulation (3.5 out of 5)
This figure has great articulation.  It has a good range of motion on the hips, not quite able to do the splits but way better than Pizza Spidey.  It also has the butterfly shoulder joints that have great range of movement.  But note that if you use the butterfly joint to spread the arms to the back, you can see the socket of the joint peeking out from the front at the chest.  This figure also has that awesome ankle pivot, but it is good to point out that at certain angles it can look rather weird, due to the angle at which the peg is positioned for the pivot.  If you see the four point crouch pose, it looks almost like he has swollen ankles.

I have to say that it is pretty easy to get this Spidey figure into the four point crouch, and I had fun posing him.  But do note that if you pose this figure into extreme crouching pose, the legs tend to get loose and pops out easily at the hip ball joint.

This is the widest stance possible by taking advantage of the ankle pivot and the hip articulation, while keeping both his feet flat on the floor.

One gripe I have with this figure is the range of the wrist hinge.  The wrist cannot hinge upward but can hinge downward ok.  This limits the web shooting pose quite a bit.  Also the ankle up/ down hinge is slightly limited which I would have preferred a wider range especially in the upward direction.

This figure also does not come with mid-calf swivel.  But the figure does come with peg holes at the bottom of his feet.

Joints (3 out of 5)
The joints are generally tight for the figure that I got.  However, the legs tend to get loose at the hips after posing, especially if you put the figure through some extreme crouching poses.  The legs tend to pop off the ball joint which is kind of annoying.  The legs pop back in fine, but it flops around very loosely due to the soft plastic used for the upper thighs.  I tried using a hairdryer to heat the socket and soften it to mold the socket smaller to grip the ball joint better.  It seems to be helping, but I guess it will become loose again over time.  My shoulder butterfly joints are a little loose as well, which can be irritating when posing.

For those who want to know, the Civil War movie Spidey hand pegs are again not compatible with Pizza Spidey, Raft Spidey or the new teenage Ultimate Spidey.  The peg is a little thinner and shorter compared to the new teen Ultimate Spidey.  In any case, the red colour of this movie Spidey does not match up with the comic version Spidey figures.  The neck ball peg is also different.  It is larger than the new Ultimate Spidey’s neck ball joint but smaller than the Raft/ Pizza Spidey’s.

But I must say I am really getting annoyed with Hasbro’s changing of the peg sizes across figures using similar base bodies (yes, I know this figure is a unique sculpt, but it can still benefit from the other Spidey figures).  If they are reusing base bodies, then just keep the peg sizes the same.

Action Feature (5 out of 5)
There is no action feature on this figure, which is perfect.  I only like articulated figures without action features to break up the sculpt or hinder poseability.

Accessories (1 out of 5)
I did not consider the Captain America’s shield as his accessory.  And he did not come with any alternate hands, which is disappointing.

Value (2 out of 5)
As this figure is only available in a 3 pack, you will need to get the box set to get him.  Or you could get a loose one like I did on secondary market.  I got this figure for around USD40 so it is not cheap, as I guess this is the more sought after figure from the set.

Overall (3 out of 5)
I think this is a nice Spidey figure to have, especially if you are into the MCU version of Spidey.  I like how I can get him into the four point crouch easily and his articulation and range of movement is really great.  It is not without flaws but I will still recommend it, especially to Spidey fans who enjoyed Tom Holland’s rendition of Peter Parker.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 3 out of 5
Sculpt – 4 out of 5
Paint – 4 out of 5
Articulation – 3.5 out of 5
Joints – 3 out of 5
Action Feature – 5 out of 5
Accessories – 1 out of 5
Value – 2 out of 5
Overall – 3 out of 5


  1. Excellent review as usual bro! Somehow I really like it when the web on his costume is sculpted in. The Spidey 4 point crouch is a must-have too! LoL!!